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Discontinued Cookware Products by Adcraft

These Cookware Products have been discontinued by the manufacturer (Adcraft) and are no longer available. Please call us Toll-Free at 866-482-8919 for alternate models or solutions.
Stainless Steel 14.25" Wok with Lid for Induction Cooktops
Item #: IND-WOK -
by Adcraft
14.25" D, bottom 9.5" D
Retail: $205.00
Price: $164.82
As Low As $154.54
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    Please read Notice to Residential End Users under the Warranty before purchasing this item for home use. Tri-ply stainless steel induction wok with lid. The overall diameter of this wok is 14.25". The bottom has a diameter of 9.5". The wok's matching lids fit securely, helping to trap in heat, moisture, and nutrients for a perfect meal. This induction wok can be used with Induction Cooktops IND-WOK120V and IND-WOK208V for a perfect fit or it can be used on any induction cooktop. ...

    14.25" D, bottom 9.5" D