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Baking Molds & Rings: Tinplate Baking Molds By Gobel and Matfer Bourgeat

Our commercial grade baking molds made from tin-plated steel are durable and possesses excellent baking qualities. There are some items in the kitchen that are hard to clean and sanitize, but if you use them often enough, you want those items to be easy to clean. Our baking molds made of tinplate are highly durable, long lasting and easy to clean. Very little care is required in using tinplate bakeware. This steel-based material is highly resistant to denting and scratching. Tinplate provides the necessary protection that helps the steel resist rusting and staining.
Tin Deep Tart Mold, 4"
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by Gobel
3.88" X 4" X 1.13"
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    This Gobel 4 inch fluted tin tart mold comes with a removable bottom for easy unmolding. The fluted sides increase the surface area, which in turn creates a strong crust capable of holding and containing the heavy ingredients of a quiche or a fruit tart. This quiche/tart mold is made of tin and has flared sides.

    3.88" X 4" X 1.13"