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Merchandising & Vending Equipment By Adcraft, APS, Cambro, Paderno, Sanelli, Victorinox and World Cuisine

Improve sales at your restaurant, cafeteria, or snack shack with our merchandising and vending equipment. The high grade equipment facilitates preparation, merchandising and transportation of your food items. Our selection of merchandising and vending equipment includes buffet bar bases, floor model food bars, food preparation tables and carts, ice bins/caddies, cash register stands, free standing sneeze guards, food bar accessories and a lot more. Available with canopies, umbrellas and other accessories, our portable vending carts and kiosks are designed with insulated compartments to keep items hot or cold without electricity. Our food merchandising products are designed to accommodate perishable items, baked goods and other grab-and-go snacks and are also attractive enough to boost your sales by attracting more customers. The merchandising and vending equipment are very popular at stadiums, carnivals, amusement parks and other similar places.