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Commercial Appliances: Meat Grinders & Meat Slicers By Adcraft

Whether you need to fine chop, mince, and/or mix raw or cooked meat or fine slice your meat, even firm vegetables, hard cheese and a lot more, we carry high quality meat grinders and slicers. These units are ideal for supermarkets, sub shops, small restaurants and other food service venues.
Aluminum Medium Duty Meat Slicer, 12" Diam. Blade, 1/2 HP High Torque Motor
Item #: SL300C -
by Adcraft
25" W x 23.5" D x 25" H
Retail: $1,934.00
Price: $1,418.05
As Low As $1,383.73
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Please read Notice to Residential End Users under the Warranty before purchasing this item for home use. 12" diameter slicing blade , Medium Duty High Torque Meat Slicer is constructed of high quality anodized aluminum which makes it extremely durable and easy to clean. Perfect for slicing vegetables, lunch meats and small amounts of cheese . It's small footprint and compact design make it ideal as a deli slicer for supermarkets, sub shops and small restaurants. Medium duty meat slicers are...

25" W x 23.5" D x 25" H