Ideas for Housewarming Gifts

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Looking for the perfect gift for new homeowners sometimes can be challenging, we have gathered 3 ideas from high end to economic gifts that will be the perfect addition to their new homes.

8 Piece Premium Copper Cookware Set, Stainless Steel Interior, Cast Iron Handles

Nothing says high end luxury kitchen as a French copper cookware set on display. Copper pots complement any kitchen style from rustic to contemporary and will save time due to their great heat conductivity.

Hardwood KISO Series 14-Piece Serrated Knife Set with Purple Handles, Black Wood Block

Make a bold color statement on any kitchen counter with a stylish knife set. These knives are dishwasher safe and come with chic purple handles and a black wooden butcher block.

Black, Anodized Aluminum TWS Mini Speaker, Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker, True Stereo

These mini speakers are small enough to be strategically placed out of sight and each pair can provide a full robust stereo sound anywhere in the house. Small enough to fit in your palm, they are also a great companion to take anywhere with you.

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