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Discontinued Kitchen Gadgets & Utensils Products by Paderno

These Kitchen Gadgets & Utensils Products have been discontinued by the manufacturer (Paderno) and are no longer available. Please call us Toll-Free at 866-482-8919 for alternate models or solutions.
Stainless Steel Circular Mango Slicer and Pitter, 8.5"
Item #: 48286-65 -
by Paderno
8.5" X 5.375" X 1.75"
Price: $24.43
As Low As $10.94
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The Paderno circular mango cutter easily and swiftly slices open a mango. The blade is constructed of stainless steel and cuts through the tough and fibrous flesh of a mango. The frame is constructed of durable heavy-duty plastic. There are handles on either side of the cutter so that pressure can be applied evenly to move the blade through the fruit. This tool makes the often arduous task of cutting a mango a breeze.

8.5" X 5.375" X 1.75"