• Parts included: 1-Black Pop-up Vent Cap (models after 1/07).
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      This part fits the following Cambro models: (Click PDF icon to download parts diagram)

      100MPCHL, 100MPC, UPC100, UPC101 (models after 1/07)
      MDC24F, MDC24 (models after 1/07)
      All Camtherm Cabinets (models after 08/07)
      Ultra Pan Carriers: UPC400, UPCW400, UPCW4004S, UPC400C, UPC400F (models after 1/07)
      Top Loading Ultra Pan Carriers: UPC140, UPC160, UPC180 (models after 1/07)
      Ultra Pan Carrier S-Series: UPCS140, UPCS160, UPCS180 (models after 1/07)
      Ultra Camcarts: UPC600, UPC600C, UPC600F, UPC600TR, UPC800, UPC800C, UPC800F, UPC800TR, UPCH1600, UPCH16002, UPCHT1600, UPCHT16002, UPC1200, UPC1200C, UPC1200F, UPC1200TR, UPC1600, UPC1600C, UPC1600F, UPC1600TR (models after 1/07)
      All Top Loading Camcarrier Models: 125MPC, 140MPC, 150MPC, 160MPC, 180MPC, 1200MPC, 240MPC (models after 1/07)
      All Front Loading Camcarrier Models: 150MPC, 200MPC, 300MPC, 600MPC, 800MPC, 1318MTC (models after 1/07)
      All Camcarts for Food Pans & Food Boxes (models after 1/07)
      All Camcarts 1826DBC, 1826DBCSP, 1826DTC, 1826DTCSP, 1826LBC, 1826LBCSP, 1826LTC, 1826LTC3, 1826LTCSP (models after 1/07)
      CMB1826, CMB1826SP, CMB1826L,CMB1826LSP (models after 1/07)
      100LCD, 250LCD, 350LCD, 500LCD, 1000LCD (models after 1/07)
      UC250, UC500, UC1000 (models after 1/07)
      CVC72, CVC724 (models after 1/07)
      All CamKiosk Carts: KVC854, KVC854C, KVC854U, KVC856, KVC856C, KVC856U (models after 1/07)