Warewashing Racks by Cambro and Matfer Bourgeat

Cleanliness is the first thing your customers look for and Cambro's warewashing systems allow you wash, store and transport all-in-one! With our warewashing racks glassware and dishware get clean and stay clean, they reduce warewashing time and expenses and provide sanitary storage and transporting.
Base Racks As the foundation of the Cambro Camrack Warewashing and Storage System, this durable rack holds pots, pans, bowls and other large preparation, service and display items. Available in Full and Half Racks. Cup Racks Camrack Cup Racks have a unique tilt feature that drains all water from cup and coffee mug bases, ensuring quick and sanitary drying. Available in Full or Half Size Racks.
Flatware Racks Used to effectively soak and wash all flatware and utensils. The bottom is a durable mesh design that holds all types of flatware while allowing for water and cleaning solutions to pass easily through. Available in Full or Half Size Racks. Peg Racks Designed to wash varying sized plates, bowls, trays and plate covers. Available in 9x9 and 5x9 peg configurations.
Stemware / Glass Racks These racks offer complete protection for all your delicate and valuable stemware, glassware and tumblers from washing and handling to stacking, storing and transporting. Available in Full or Half Size Racks. Tray Racks Open-ended on one side for easy placement and removal of trays of all lengths. Open End Tray Rack holds nine trays upright.
Warewashing Accessories Warewashing accessories to help you protect and store cups and glasses such as Full Size Rack Covers, Glass and Cup Stackers. We also carry Ice Glass Fillers to help you fill 25 glasses with ice simultaneously, rather than painstakingly one at a time.  
Cambro Wash Racks: Wash, Store and Transport all-in-one!

With 1/2" overlap and smooth sides. Interstacks with all racks from major dishrack manufacturers.

Easy-to-grip, rounded handles on all four sides, smooth sides and rounded corners reduce risk of injury.

Cambro Wash Racks

Easy Inventory Control, bright colors identify at a glance both contents and quantity per rack.

Are designed for optimum cleaning and storage, keeping fingers and contaminants out and reducing risk of breakage and injury.

Wash Racks Stacked Enclosed, Portable Sanitary Storage System
Simple to create by stacking filled Wash Racks on Dollies and covering top racks with Camrack Covers - a perfect fit every time.
Wash Rack inside view

Provide thorough circulation of water and cleaning solutions and promote quick and thorough drying.

Long-lasting polypropylene Wash Racks are built to withstand chemicals and high temperatures up to 200°F.

Cambro Wash Racks Help Foodservice Operators Conserve Resources
  • Closed external walls completely eliminate the need for rewashing glassware. This saves on reducing water, chemical and utility usage.
  • Wash, store and safely transport stemware, glassware and tumblers. Less washing and handling reduces breakage and replacement costs.
  • All these EcoSafe benefits protect rivers, lakes, oceans and landfills.
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