Vending Carts And Kiosks: Mid-size Vending Carts by Cambro

The large insulated storage cabinets minimize restocking and keep contents hot or cold. Includes sneeze guard, cash drawer, menu board and display panel. Two counter top options available with 1 or 4 food pan wells as shown below. Click on your preferred counter top layout below to see the colors available:

Vending Cart, 1 Pan Well
Carts with 1 Pan Well (Click here)

Vending Cart, 4 Pan Well
Carts with 4 Pan Wells (Click here)
Vending Carts With 1 Pan Well Vending carts with a single, full size food pan well and two outer wells. Includes umbrella. Vending Carts With 4 Pan Wells Vending carts with 4 full size pans, storage and umbrella included.
Fractional size pans can be used in many variations inside each full size pan well. Optional divider bars sold separately. Each full size pan well can hold:
(2) 1/2 Size Pans   (2) 1/2 Size Pans
  (3) 1/3 Size Pans   (4) 1/4 Size Pans   (6) 1/6 Size Pans
or or or or
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