Cookware: Cast Iron Cookware by Matfer Bourgeat and Staub

Cast iron cookware by Staub is available in various colors to match your kitchen. Unlike traditional cast iron these pots do not need to be seasoned and are non-stick making them easy to clean. Today the cookware is still made in France and imported to the United States.
Cast Iron Frying Pans Frying Pans by Staub have a black matte enameled interior which helps create a non stick surface and insures proper food release. Our cast iron frying pans feature two pouring spouts for easy juice or fat collection.  Cast Iron Gourmet Specialty Items Cast Iron cookware is an investment that is meant to last for many years to come. Find a selection of Mussel Pots, Crepe Pans, Tajines, Woks, Serving Trays and more!
Cast Iron Grills, Griddles & Press The lightest cast iron grills on the market, Our assorted Staub grills and griddles are ready to cook right on your stovetop, infusing meals with the authentic flavor and appearance of outdoor grilling. Cast Iron Roasting Pans Roast your dishes in restaurant quality vessels designed for the task. These versatile cast iron pieces come in an array of sizes for all types of fare-from vegetables to fish-and nest neatly to save shelf space.
Cast Iron Saute Pans Whether you are in a hurry or taking your time, this is the pan you have been dreaming of for all kinds of cooking! Saute your vegetables, fish, meat, precooked dishes and reheat - this pan can be used in the oven and all types of heat sources including induction. Cast Iron Tea Pots & Kettles Perfect for tea, hot water and other one-pot classics. Use on all types of heat sources, including induction. Staub cast iron cookware retains heat and distributes it evenly.
Fondue Pot Sets Our Fondue Pot sets are ideal for a romantic dinner or gatherings at home or in a restaurant. Cast iron pots provide excellent heat retention so melted fondue stays warm while you dip in breads, meats or fruits in chocolate or cheese. Mini Cocottes This Staub enameled cast iron mini La Cocotte is a great gift or addition for any kitchen. Staub has created restaurant-style pieces that are ready to serve right from oven or stove-top to the dining table.
Oval Cocottes This oval La Cocotte is ideal for stews, roasts, soups, casseroles and other one-pot classics. Staub manufactures all their enameled cast iron La Cocottes with the utmost care and quality. Round Cocottes Due to the superior construction of the Staub round cocotte lids, less humidity can escape during the cooking process. 10% more moisture is retained inside the Staub cocotte after 55 minutes of cooking time.
Round Dutch Oven Cocottes Our Shallow Cocotte Dutch Oven is the perfect height for stew. The shallow walls create a high moisture cooking environment. This facilitates the cheaper cuts of meat to be tender and moist. Staub Accessories & Parts Whether you need to replace a knob, get an extra steamer insert or find stand for your cocottes, we have all the Staub accessories and replacement parts.

About Staub Cast Iron Cookware Line

Staub was established in Alsace, France during the 1970's by the son of a Cookware merchant. The traditional foods of this area were cooked in stoneware made from the Earth. His passion in cooking drove him to create the perfect slow-cooking pot for comfort food. The result is an enamel coated cast iron pot that has superior functionality but yet looks great as a serving dish.
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