Kitchen Gadgets & Utensils: Tongs, Turners & Spatulas by Blendtec, Cambro, Matfer Bourgeat and Victorinox

At DEI Equipment we carry commercial grade tongs, turners & spatulas from all the leading brands of the industry. These kitchen tools feature either unbreakable polycarbonate or stainless steel construction. They help you to flip, grab, and spread the food conveniently and quickly. Opt for our flat grip grill tongs to ensure total hygiene in food serving and preparation. These tongs carry a durable one-piece design and a flat grip ribbed surface for a confident grip. With our icing spatulas, spreaders & pie servers, you will be able to spread icing or frosting easily to give a professional appearance to your cakes, pastries and other confectionery items. Our multi-use tongs feature a scalloped grip surface to let you have a firm grip on salad greens, meatballs and other similar foods.
Grill Tongs, Flat Grip The flat grip surface is ribbed to provide a secure hold. Our one piece design has no springs to break. Extremely durable, our flat tongs will meet your high standards for sanitary hygiene in food contact environments. Icing Spatulas, Spreaders & Pie Servers Spatulas and spreaders are used to spread icing, frosting, or soft spread giving it a smooth professional look. Available in straight and offset/bent edges.
Multi-use Tongs The scallop grip surface is cupped for a firm grasp on salad greens, meatballs and other hard to hold items. Available in one piece design with no springs to break or sturdy 2 piece construction. Pasta Tongs, Angled Angled tongs feature an ergonomic design that makes it easy to serve a variety of foods. The angled, comb like head makes it easy to get a good grip when serving pastas.
Salad Tongs, Easy-Grasp Easy-Grasp Tongs combine a fork and spoon, providing a secure grip for hard to hold items. It's unique design makes it great for serving Salads. Spatulas And Turners Turners and Spatulas are durable and can be used  in the kitchen or as a Barbecue BBQ grill Spatula. The size of the Turner Spatula you need is determined by the item you are cooking.
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