Measure, Dispense & Organize by Cambro and Matfer Bourgeat

Whether the recipe calls for ounces, pints, quarts or liters we carry the right measuring cup or scoop for you that are specially designed for easy serving. We also carry kitchen tools to measure temperature, time and more along with products to help you organize your kitchen.
Condiment Holders Simplify dispensing with our Condiment Holders, Organizers and Condiment Caddies. Counter-top or wall mounted our condiment holders are ideal for displaying and organizing condiments. Kitchen Timers A kitchen timer is an essential kitchen tool as one of the toughest parts of managing a professional kitchen is timing every dish so it's always cooked to perfection. When it comes to preparing foods, a few seconds can make the difference between perfectly cooked and overdone.
Measuring Cups & Spoons Whether the recipe calls for ounces, pints, quarts or liters, we carry the right measuring cups and measuring spoons to make the right measurement clear. With graduations marks molded-in and imprinted and a variety of materials. Scoops These commercial grade scoops will continue to look new even after years of service and countless washings. Our scoops are perfect for heavy-duty use in any commercial kitchen or at home.
Thermometers & Measuring Instruments Preparing delicious homemade candy or chocolate or any other food delicacies is a science. We carry Thermometers, Salt Level Instruments and other measuring instruments to help you make the perfect dish. Utensil and Pot Hangers Keep your kitchen tidy and free from clutter with our Utensil and Pot Hangers. Strong, stylish and versatile, these hangers will keep your restaurant, food service establishment or home very organized.
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