Kitchen Gadgets & Utensils: Ladles by Cambro and Matfer Bourgeat

We offer a wide variety of commercial ladles in a variety of styles, ranging from metal ladles, plastic ladles, perforated/slotted ladles, and more. Our sturdy ladles are made of virtually unbreakable polycarbonate or stainless steel to delivers years of dependable service. The commercial grade ladles are perfect options for dishing out dressings, topping off deserts, and serving soups and stews in restaurants, cafeteria, or other catered events. Designed to speed up serving or self-service, they work as a great option to drain out liquids while scooping of food. Featuring hooked handle design, our ladles are made to easily sit on the edge of pots. These versatile kitchen utensils complement any professional's traditional set of utensils. We offer plain as well as impressing dressing names to reduce the risk of cross-contamination in the kitchen.
Imprinted Assortment Ladle Pack Cambro's assortment pack offers 9 imprinted ladles and 4 with no imprinting. This makes a perfect start-up set for a salad bar. Metal Ladles A ladle is a vital kitchen utensil used within a restaurant kitchen, whether in the preparation or in the distribution of meals to guests. A great utensil while preparing stews, sauces or any other dish which requires stock to be added during the cooking process.
Perforated / Slotted Ladles Our perforated / slotted ladles facilitate long reaches and allows for the easy transfer and scooping of food while draining liquids at the same time to speed up serving. Plastic Ladles Unbreakable polycarbonate and composite material, angled for easy access and designed with a side rest so a ladle won't slip into a serving bowl. Sized for portion control whether you are serving your guests in the kitchen or offer a more self-service style restaurant.
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