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We have the right kitchen gadgets and utensils you need for your day-to-day kitchen tasks. We carry a varied selection of commercial kitchen tools that will help in food preparation and cooking. Use our carving forks, colanders, egg tools, food mills, food presses, fruit carving tools, ice cream scoops, ladles, mills, grinders, grates, pasta makers, tongs, spatulas, whisks, and more to simplify your daily kitchen tasks. Whether you run a busy restaurant, a local bar, or a high volume cafeteria, we offer a wide variety of commercial kitchen gadgets and utensils you will need. Our specialty kitchen tools not only make it easy to prepare your favorite dishes, but also add an appealing visual to your kitchen. Explore and choose from our exclusive range of professional kitchen utensil to carry out food prep tasks more efficiently.
Carving / Cook Forks
Forks are for the holding and maneuvering of bulky foods. The length is to allow the cook to handle the food item in the cooking area, without removing it, while keeping a safe distance to prevent hand burns.
Colanders, Funnels & Strainers
Whether you need a fine mesh sieve used for straining tea, sauces, gravies or a large colander for draining vegetables or fruits or thawing frozen meat, or funnels to help you pour liquids, we have the right kitchen tool for you.
Egg Tools
Our kitchen gadget collection offers you our range of egg tools for serving your egg creations with elegance. You can present your guests with beautiful and perfectly sliced eggs without leaving fragments of shell stuck to the white and the yolk for a flawless presentation every time.
Food Mills
Traditionally known in culinary circles as a Moulin a Legumes, this manual food mill grinds and strains your ingredients without reducing their natural quality and flavor.
Food Press & Meat Tenderizers
No job it's too small or too big for our professional grade food presses and tenderizers. A food press can be a great kitchen gadget for extracting vital food contents from lemons, garlic and even meats such as lobster and duck.
Fruit Carving Tools
Whether you need fruit carving tools for precision cutting and shaping or useful kitchen tools such as melon ballers, scooping tools and more we a great selection of professional grade tools to make your job easier.
Ice Cream Scoops, Molds & Tools
Prepare delicious scoops of ice cream or sorbet with our ice cream scoops. An ice cream scoop is a handy kitchen tool that carves out plump round scoops, great for business and home use.
Kitchen Gadgets
Top-quality kitchen gadgets to help simplify any kitchen task. Our kitchen gadgets also make great unique gifts and because they are commercial grade, they last a lifetime!
Whether your preference is virtually unbreakable polycarbonate or stainless steel, we have the right ladle that will deliver years of dependable service. Available in plain or with imprinted dressing names.
Larding & Trussing Needles
For perfect roasting of your chicken, duck, turkey or any other meat, the sewing our needles offer is the ideal way to keep meat moist and flavor. They clean up easily and will not bend or break.
Mills, Grinders & Graters
Whether you need a box grater or handheld grater we carry the right kitchen utensil for rasping, grating and slicing a variety of foods. Coarse and fine graters available for different types of food and uses.
Mixing Bowls
Our mixing bowls are commercial grade and available in a variety of materials such as Stainless Steel, Copper, Plastic and with round and flat bottoms for different mixing applications.
Oven Mitts & Gloves
Even if you are very careful in the kitchen, there are going to be times when you need extra protection and our oven mitts and oven gloves provide great hand protection.
Pasta Makers & Pasta Tools
A pasta maker is a fun, efficient way to make authentic Italian pasta quickly, uniformly and easily. We also carry pasta tools to make your job easier and more effective.
Seafood Tools
We carry a wide selection of seafood tools designed to make serving and enjoying seafood easy. From preparation to serving tools you will find that our kitchen gadgets will save time while preparing seafood at home or a busy restaurant.
Serving Spoons & Skimmers
Whether you need a spoon or skimmer to serve or prepare foods or tasting spoons to showcase and serve your culinary creations, we have the right kitchen utensil to make your job easier.
Tongs, Turners & Spatulas
We carry the right kitchen utensils in both virtually unbreakable polycarbonate or stainless steel. Flipping, grabbing and spreading it's so much easier and faster when you use the right kitchen tools.
When whisking any ingredients in food preparation, chefs want a whisk that will stay in shape under heavy usage while helping the job to be completed as efficiently as possible.