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Kitchen Cutlery by Bron Coucke, Fischer Bargoin, Giesser Messer, Matfer Bourgeat, Paderno World Cuisine, Tellier, Victorinox, Westmark and Zwilling JA Henckels

Cooking is an art that can be learned more easily if you have the right utensils at your disposal. At DEI Equipment, we help you perfect this art by offering an extensive variety of kitchen cutlery. We carry a large collection of high-end kitchen cutlery, sets and accessories. It includes boning knives, bread knives, butcher knives, carving knives, cheese slicer & cheese knives, chef's knives, kitchen shears, paring knives, peelers, slicers & corers, and much more! Our cutlery come to you only from the established brands of the industry. Our cutlery items are in great demand among the professionals as well as household kitchen because of their durability and performance. Designed to increase your productivity, our kitchen cutlery is made from high quality materials for sustaining years of rugged usage.
Boning Knives
A boning knife is a type of kitchen knife with a sharp point and narrow blade. It is used in food preparation for removing the bones of poultry, meat, and fish. It features a very narrow blade.
Bread Knives
Bread knives are a type of serrated knife. The serrations on the blade make it ideal for cutting bread and other things that are hard on the outside and soft on the inside.
Butcher Knives
A butcher knife is an utilitarian knife. It is used primarily for the butchering and breaking of meat. Available with plain, curved or granton edge blades.
Carving Knives
The flat side rests against the uncarved side of the roast to keep the direction straight and they usually have narrow, thin blades and pointy tips which can reduce the amount of resistance as you move the back and forth.
Cheese Slicer & Knives
Slice cheese up like a pro with our professional grade cheese slicers and knives. Our selection gives you a variety of ways to cut cheese in the comfort of your own home, kitchen or restaurant.
Chef's Knives
Also known as a Cook's Knife, the chef's knife is an all-purpose knife used for slicing, chopping, dicing, mincing, and many other functions. The blade is curved to allow the cook to rock the knife on the cutting board for a more precise cut.
Cimeter Knives
Cimeter knives are used for butchering large pieces of meat. It also works great for slicing meats, roasts, roast turkey and ham and into thin and even slices.
Cleaver Knives
A cleaver is a large, rectangular knife that is used in cutting meat. Very heavy, enabling the knife to cut through bone and joints with sheer force. Cleavers are an essential tool for any restaurant that prepares its own meat.
Cut Resistant Gloves
Protect your hands during food prep with our Ultimate Shield Cut Resistant Gloves. Constructed of stainless steel wire or industrial polyester for durability, these gloves feature a great feel as well as exceptional cut resistance. Easy to clean and bleachable; not for use with wavy or serrated blades.
Fillet Knives
A fillet knife is like a very flexible boning knife that is used to fillet and prepare fish. The blade that allows them to move easily along the backbone and under the skin of fish.
Kitchen Shears
Depending on the strength and size of your kitchen scissors they can be used to trim herbs off a plant, cut herbs such as chives, cut pizza, cut chicken into small pieces, trimming pie dough, cutting pitas, or to split a whole chicken.
Knife Sets
Our kitchen knife sets are a great addition to your kitchen or a great gift for the enthusiastic cook / chef for either home or restaurant use. Knife sets available with wood bases, soft, hard cases and other options.
Knife Storage
We carry the perfect storage solution for your knives from blade guards which are perfect for storing kitchen knives in a drawer to Knife blocks and Knife sheaths.
Paring Knives
A paring knife is a small knife with a plain edge blade that is ideal for peeling and other small or intricate work such as deveining a shrimp, removing the seeds from a jalapeño, or cutting small garnishes.
Peelers, Slicers & Corers
Whether you need a hand peeler for carrots, potatoes or a heavy duty slicer to cut your fruits and vegetables in perfect segments, or a corer to easily remove the core from apples, pineapples and more we have the right kitchen tool for you.
Santoku Knives
A santoku knife is often called an Asian chef's knife. They have a straighter edge than a chef's knife, and a more rounded spine, particularly near the point. They are also generally lighter and thinner, allowing them to more easily chop vegetables. Available with plain or granton edge blades.
Our selection of Forschner knife sharpeners include sharpening steels, sharpening stones, mini sharpeners and more.
Skinning Knives
A skinning knife is a large knife that is used to skin poultry, roasts, hams, and other large cooked meats. A skinning knife is much thinner than a chef's knife (particularly at the spine), enabling them to make thinner and more precise slices.
Slicer Knives
A slicer serves a similar function to a carving knife, although it is generally longer and narrower. Slicers are often more flexible and as such are better suited for slicing ham or fish. Available with plain or granton edge blades.
Specialty Cutlery
Our specialty line of knives and cutters includes tomato, pizza knives and many other tools such as melon ballers, chisels, lemon zesters, can openers and more.
Steak Knives
A steak knife is used at the table (as opposed to the kitchen) to cut through especially tough foods, such as meat. Available with plain, serrated and wavy blades. A great addition to your restaurant or home.
Sushi Knives
Sushi and Sashimi knives are extremely sharp, hand-crafted for a specific task. A sushi knife can be used for cutting vegetables, cutting fish, and then cutting the roll itself, but a sashimi knife is made specifically for cutting fish.
Utility Knives
A utility knife is a medium size knife that can be used for a variety of tasks. Utility knives are available with plain or wavy blades, some of which are considered tomato knives.