Shelving: High Density Storage Systems by Cambro

High Density Camshelving maximizes storage capacity by eliminating aisles and utilizing all available space. Ideal for operations with limited space or that need to use their space more effectively. Floor track system provides safe and easy access to stored product. Heavy weight loads roll securely on raised floor track.
Mobile Shelving System With Solid Shelves Starter Mobile Units with 4 Solid Shelves. Shelf plates easily wipe clean or can be removed and run through the dishwasher. Mobile Shelving System With Vented Shelves Camshelving is the most hygienic high density storage system available. Starter Mobile Units with 4 Vented Shelves. Vented design allows drainage and air movement.
Track Kits And Accessories Tracks, Casters and Bumpers. Easy Glide Floor Tracks simply connects to the bottom of the Stationary Camshelving Units. Raised track provides a smooth and level surface to easily roll mobile units.  

Easy to Configure and Assemble:

  1. Determine your room size and needs. Multiple track kits can be used together to build the desired length of track.**
  2. Choose starter unit size. Existing Camshelving stationary units can be retrofitted and utilized as the system anchors.
  3. Select high density mobile units.
  4. Different width stationary and mobile units may be used in a single run of track.

System Components:

A. Stationary Units
B. Mobile Units (Vented or Solid)
C. Track
D. Active Aisle

** It is recommended to use a stationary unit for every 15' of track to further stabilize the system.

Cambro High Density Storage System

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