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Clothes Racks by Quality Fabricators

Create accessible and visible storage for your homes and businesses with our wide range of quality clothing racks. Featuring contemporary design and sturdy frame construction, these garment racks are a perfect blend of style and functionality. Who would not want a stylish yet compact clothing rack that can also save a lot of space to move around? We offer a wide range of uniquely designed garment racks and covers for efficient storage and display. Designed from the best quality material, our garment racks are durable and proudly made in the USA. Equipped with rolling casters, these multi-purpose clothing racks ensure easy mobility while providing good amount of hanging space. Our garment racks vary from medium to heavy-duty strengths.
Double Rail Garment Z Racks
This two-rail Z Rack has the load-bearing capacity and physical hang space to actually hold two full rows of clothing.
Garment Rack Accessories
Rack accessories to add shelves, extend the amount of space on your garment racks with height extensions or extra hang rails.
Garment Rack Covers
Garment rack covers designed to protect your hanging clothes and storage items from typical dust and dirt. Accessories to keep the cover from sitting directly on your clothes also available.
Garment Racks For Valet
The Personal Valet Clothes Rack is a patented, height adjustable rack that can hold up to 50 garments. It's unique design allows for it to fit up against any outward corner.
Heavy Duty Garment H Racks
H-Racks are considered among the most functional forms of apparel storage, these racks will not tip under a heavy loads. Available with single and double rails.
Medium Duty Z Racks
These medium grade racks compass the ability to hold heavy garments without buckling under the pressure. An economic line of Z Racks that don't sacrifice quality, great for up to 350 lbs. loads.
Multi-purpose Z Racks
Fashioned into a durable Z Rack, this clothes rack hosts two shelves - one on top and one on bottom - to complement the hanging rod.
Single Rail Garment Z Racks
These Z Racks can satisfy several household and business purposes, all while saving valuable floor space. And because it is industrial grade, you don't have to worry about stability and control.
Split Rail Garment Z Racks
This new Split Rail Z Rack is designed to maximize every inch, stay sturdy, and offer two hanging options. One of the hang rails is fully adjustable!