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Food Pans & Food Containers by APS, Cambro and Paderno World Cuisine

Now keep the food ingredients, prepared food, and leftovers fresh and safe with our wide selection of food pans and food containers. Perfect for the storage of both liquid and dry food ingredients, these food storage and transport containers offer great storage options for flour, grains, sauces, soups and more. Available in open-top and lid-compatible designs, these plastic food boxes are a great alternative to stainless steel pans and containers. Each food container and pan is made from premium quality material to enhance the life of ingredients and prepared-food while maintaining the freshness and preventing cross-contamination. We are offering impact-resistant crocks and cold crocks, cost effective large food pans, large ingredient bins, durable pizza dough boxes, and wide variety of food containers to meet your diverse food storage needs.
Crocks & Cold Crocks
Injection molding of high impact plastic ensures that Cambro's Crocks will deliver years of dependable service even under high volume use. Cold crocks available to keep foods chilled at or below HACCP guidelines of +41°F (5°C) without the use of messy ice.
Dissolvable Food Rotation Labels
Our Food Rotation Labels leave no sticky residue, eliminate scraping and save operators time and money. Both adhesive and label dissolve completely off any container in less than 30 seconds through the dishwasher or under hot or cold running water.
Food Storage Boxes
Extend the freshness of your ingredients and eliminate points of cross contamination by transferring product from cardboard boxes at the receiving area into our clear Camwear polycarbonate or white poly boxes.
Large Food & Ingredient Bins
One piece, polyethylene bins won't rust, or transfer odors. Efficiently store and transport bulk dry ingredients with our standard bins or store, wash and transport bulk produce with our Camcrisper bins.
Pizza Dough Boxes
These dough boxes won't bend, sag or lose their shape. Available in virtually unbreakable polycarbonate and durable polypropylene construction.
Round Food Storage Containers
Store ingredients or transport ready-to- serve or partially prepared foods. Easy to read imprinted graduations are printed on the outside to quickly take inventory. Available in three materials: Clear Polycarbonate, Translucent and White Plastic.
Square Food Storage Containers
Make the most use of your storage area. Easy-to-read level graduations are printed on the outside to quickly take inventory. CamSquares are available in three materials: Camwear Polycarbonate, Translucent and White Plastic.
Steam Table & Hotel Pans
From extremely cost effective and durable, commercial grade plastic and polycarbonate Food Pans to High Plastic and Stainless Steel hotel pans that fit standard food bars and steam tables. Standard, Camwear, ColdFest, High Heat steam table and hotels pans are available in a variety of sizes.