Food & Beverage Trays by Cambro

Our full line of Cambro self-serve trays, compartment trays and service trays is the most extensive in the foodservice industry. With the variety of materials, sizes, shapes and colors, there's a tray for every foodservice need.
Compartment Meal Delivery Trays Our Meal Delivery Compartment Trays provide an efficient way to serve, transport and store meals in hospitals, correctional facilities and other places where deep dish food compartments with lids are required. Compartment Serving Trays Designed for cafeteria-style feeding in schools or high security environments. Variety of five or six compartment configurations to meet all menu requirements. Available in virtually unbreakable Camwear polycarbonate.
Deli / Bakery Display Trays Attractively merchandise salads, desserts, hors d'oeuvres, pastries and other food items in bakeries, supermarkets and delis with our Cambro market trays. Made with compression molded fiberglass with polyester resin construction, these trays won’t absorb liquids or oxidize like aluminum trays. Fast Food Trays Manufactured for durability to withstand frequent use in quick serve operations. Even though their cost is low, the quality is high. Cambro fast food trays are available in 3 sizes.
Fiberglass Food Trays Attractive appearance, durable construction and a wide selection of sizes, shapes and colors allow the Cambro Fiberglass Tray to continue as the industry standard. With high-impact fiberglass construction and aluminum reinforced edges. Fiberglass Food Trays, Economy Line Camlite Trays combine economy with durability. Fiberglass construction with aluminum rim reinforcement eliminate warping and cracking. Dri- Stak separators allow air to circulate freely over and under each tray for fast drying.
Non-slip Fiberglass Food Trays Even when they are wet, Cambro Non-slip Trays will still grip beverages and meal service items. It’s the ideal way to avoid costly spills, breakage and messes. Fiberglass construction with non-skid surface for long lasting use. Available in Rectangular, Round and Oval shapes. Non-slip Polypropylene Trays These general purpose, non-skid trays will help reduce spills, breakage and messes. The special non-skid surface is bonded directly into a polypropylene tray for secure handling. Available in Rectangular and Round shapes.
Polycarbonate Food Trays Camwear Trays deliver years of reliable service even after constant rough handling because they are made from virtually unbreakable polycarbonate. Available in rectangular and trapezoid shapes.  
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