Merchandising & Vending Equipment: Floor Model Food Bars by Cambro

Our Food bars with casters can go anywhere and serve anything. Insulated, available in standard and children's height. Cambro Food Bars are portable, durable, lightweight and easy to clean.
Food Bars Designed to showcase your menu selection, these Bars enhance profitability without sacrificing convenience, durability or the stylish appearance of your dining area. Available in 2 different lengths. Food Bars, Child Height Children's Food Bars stand just 28" from the floor to make it easy for children to reach and serve themselves. Perfect for elementary schools and family dining. Available in 2 different lengths.
Tray Rails Tray Rails offer convenience for your patrons. These rails mount on either side of the new VERSA Cambro food bar, do not fit older models. Versa Bars End Tables Convert the end of your Cambro food bar to an active service area. The optional end table easily mounts on either end. Designed to handle extra service, menu items or area to hold plates or trays.
Versa Bars Well Covers Fill wells with well covers to create additional working space in your Cambro Versa Food Bars or Work Tables. Versa Food Bar Connectors Easily and safely attach multiple components together to create a contiguous system. Use to connect multiple Versa Food Bars, Versa Work Tables or a combination.
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