Merchandising & Vending Equipment: Food Bar Accessories by Cambro

Blend in convenience and functionality into one priced possession with our exclusive range of food bar accessories. These optional food bar accessories include buffet table Camchillers, crock and salad bowl holders, dividers and other accessories that fit standard G/N wells. The high quality divider bars are smartly designed to conveniently accommodate food pans in place. They can also be reconfigured to hold smaller and larger containers. Different types of crock holders and salad bowl holders, we offer, add to food bar convenience. We also offer full and half size Camchiller ice packs to let you safely store foods that need cold storage below 41°F. Choose our food bar accessories to enhance your food bar and buffet table experience.
Buffet Table Temperature Maintenance Optimize Cold food holding performance with our accessories that ensure cold foods are safely held below 41°F. longer without the use of ice. Standard sizes to fit food bars and buffet tables' wells. Crock And Salad Bowl Holders Crock and Salad Bowl Holders to highlight and organize salads, condiments and dressings. Add extra convenience to your food bar.
Divider Bars Divider Bars securely hold a wide variety of Food Pans in place, providing size options for greater flexibility when using fractional size pans.  
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