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Commercial Appliances: Electric / Manual Citrus Juicers by Hamilton Beach and Matfer Bourgeat

We are fully committed to bring quality in the way you work in your kitchen. With our exclusive range of Electric / Manual Citrus Juicers, we make extracting juices from different citrus fruits an easy affair. You can use them for juicing lemons, oranges, limes, and grapefruits for preparing fresh juices. These appliances save a lot of your valuable time and effort, and provide you with a high quality output. Our citrus juicers come in two broad categories - Electric and Manual. By applying calculated pressure, our manual juicers allow you to extract maximum citrus juice from fruits by a simple hand action. Electric juicers let you finish the work efficiently without putting in much effort. Made from the best grade materials these citrus juicers are destined to serve you for years to come, and they are amazingly easy to clean too.
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Aluminum Santos Centrifugal Citrus Juicer
Item #: 991077 -
In Stock
by Matfer Bourgeat
Retail: $800.00
Price: $457.88

Color Green and Yellow.Santos Citrus Juicer Classic #11. Commercial grade juicer, built to last, with a heavy duty and quiet asynchronous motor, for use anywhere you need a fresh squeezed citrus juice: Juice Bars, Health Food Stores, Hotels, Bars, Restaurants, Cafeterias, Ice Cream shops, Institutions, Hospitals and even at Home! Base made of aluminum with anodized black waterproof ring to hold bowl. Bowl is made of unbreakable Polycarbonate. Easy to clean, juicer dismantles completely. 1 year...

Commercial Citrus Juicer, Electric
Item #: 96700 -
In Stock
by Hamilton Beach
Retail: $695.00
Price: $425.88

3 reamers extract maximum juice from small to large citrus. Designed to extract pure citrus juices from oranges, lemons, limes, and grapefruits. This electric citrus juicer is ideal for restaurants, bars, juice and smoothie businesses and even for household use to quickly and efficiently extract fresh juice with minimal effort. Exceptionally quiet motor. Features: 3 reamer sizes for maximum juice extraction. Entire top section is removable for dishwasher safe cleaning. Extra-tall spout and...

Commercial Citrus Juicer, Manual
Item #: 932 -
In Stock
by Hamilton Beach
Retail: $338.00
Price: $214.08

2,000 pounds of juice extraction pressure! This Citrus Juicer comes with the Industry's Best Warranty, providing the protection that only the best can offer. Designed to extract pure citrus juices from oranges, lemons, limes, and grapefruits. Features: Acid-Resistant Finish: The chrome and porcelain components, as well as the enamel finish resist citrus acids. Maximum Juice Extraction: The extractor arm exerts up to 2,000 lbs. of pressure, ensuring maximum juice output, while minimizing skin...

Stainless Steel, Manual Citrus Juicer
Item #: 020280 -
In Stock
by Matfer Bourgeat
Retail: $56.00
Price: $45.91

FEATURES: Heavy Duty 18/10 Stainless Steel. To Extract The Flavorful Juice Of All Your Citrus Fruits. Comes With Bowl That Fits Underneath. Perforated Juicer Cone. Weight: 8 oz. .