Shelving: Dunnage Racks by Cambro

Dunnage racks enable you to store frozen, cold, or dry inventory safely at a height of 12" from the floor, most of the time required by the Health Department. They are available in two versions - slotted top dunnage racks and solid top dunnage racks. Dunnage racks with a slotted top are ideal for storing perishable products in coolers and freezers, as they make way for maximum air circulation around the food items. The solid top dunnage racks are highly durable and stable, as they feature one-piece construction and strong legs. Our dunnage racks are made from heavy-duty polypropylene. They feature a smooth surface with no welding or crevices and are therefore, very easy to clean and maintain. Our rust and corrosion resistant dunnage racks are available in a variety of sizes and colors.
Slotted Top Dunnage Racks Slotted tops for maximum air circulation around perishable products stored in coolers and freezers. Available from 30" to 60" long. Solid Top Dunnage Racks One piece construction and sturdy legs makes these racks especially durable, strong and stable. Available from 30" to 60" long.
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