Transport Systems: Dish And Tray Caddies by Cambro

Protect dishware from breaking or chipping by storing them in Cambro's space saving caddies. Models available for dishes, trays and flatware.
Adjustable Dish Caddies Durable dish caddies with superior strength and maximum storage capacity. Configure and move column towers as needed to store one size dish or a combination of sizes and types of dinnerware. Adjustable Tray And Dish Cart To adjust our impact-resistant Adjustable Tray and Dish Cart to fit your plates and trays, simply twist the divider handle found on the back of the cart to loosen the divider. Move it to the position you want and tighten. You're ready to load, store and transport with a custom fit.
Camtherm Plate And Pellet Heater Unmatched consistency and durability from the premier name in foodservice. These Smart plate and pellet heaters with dual-lid design conserve heat and energy by opening each lid separately from each other. Dish Caddies Molded polyethylene in poker chip design eliminates costly edge chipping and gives you open access from two sides for easy loading and unloading.
Silverware And Tray Cart Tailor-made for tray service, this product neatly organizes trays and accessories for self-service all in one compact unit that holds flatware, napkins and non-perishable condiments. Tray And Dish Cart Streamline your self-service operation with the cart that holds a variety of plates and trays. Designed for compact, sanitary storage. Available with or without cutlery rack.
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