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Dish and Tray Caddies: Camtherm Plate and Pellet Heater By Cambro

Insulated to keep plates or pellets hot while keeping the exterior cool to the touch. A great addition to your Meal Delivery System. Ergonomic, heavy-duty lid handles stay cool and offer a good grip. Stainless steel components ensure a rust-free environment. Wrap-around 1-1/2" thick high density polyethylene black bumper for added protection.
Stainless Steel, Camtherm Plate Heater, 100 Plates Cap.
Item #: CHPL100-000 -
by Cambro
W 36 1/2" D 25 1/4" H 46 1/4"
Retail: $8,500.00
Price: $4,093.72
As Low As $4,042.22
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Plate heater holds up to 100 Plates. Unmatched consistency and durability from the premier name in foodservice. Smart, dual-lid design conserves heat and energy by opening separately from each other. Consistency Even, convection heating from top to bottom of each silo with two blowers and two heating elements. Self-leveling dispenser - Plates dispense at the top of the opening, no matter if there are 2 Plates or 50 Plates. Plate retains safe-holding temperatures for at least 1 hour.. Test...

W 36 1/2" D 25 1/4" H 46 1/4"