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Cookware: Copper Cookware By Matfer Bourgeat and Mauviel

Now saute, sear, and fry without hotspots to ensure an even heat distribution with our top grade copper cookware. We provide a wide variety of copper cookware, which includes copper casseroles, copper frying and roasting pans, copper saucepans and saucier pans, along with complete copper cookware sets that are sure to enhance the look and style of your kitchen. Our copper cookware promises durability as it comes in both solid copper and copper with stainless steel lining. Visually appealing combined with superior heat conductivity and low response time, our copper-made cooking equipment is used extensively by professional chefs in high-end restaurants. This energy-saving cookware works with all types of heat sources leading to plenty of savings on your end. They sit securely on the burners without being too heavy to lift thanks to their optimal weight.