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Baking Pans: Copper Baking Pans By Matfer Bourgeat

Copper tin-lined baking pans conduct heat quickly and uniformly across its entire surface. Not only do copper baking pans heat up more quickly, they cool down faster when removed from the heat.
Copper, Tin-lined Round Tart Pan, 11"
Item #: 341222 -
by Matfer Bourgeat
11" Diam. x 1.87" H
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Bourgeat Copper Tin-lined Tart Tatin Mold is perfect for making apple tarte tatin. This tart pan is made of copper outside and tin inside. From France of the late 1800's, this tart is made with caramelized apples covered with a flaky crust. Measurements: 11" Diam. x 1 7/8" H. Weight: 3 lbs. 6 oz.

11" Diam. x 1.87" H