Food & Beverage Trays: Compartment Serving Trays by Cambro

Designed for cafeteria-style feeding in schools or high security environments. Variety of five or six compartment configurations to meet all menu requirements. Available in virtually unbreakable Camwear polycarbonate.
2 X 2 Compartment Trays Cut dishwashing labor and expense in half with our 2 x 2 Compartment Trays. The unique design lets you fit 18 trays, side-by-side in a standard dish rack. Gradual slope on compartment walls promotes faster drying. 5 Compartment Serving Trays Designed for cafeteria-style feeding this Five compartment trays meet all menu requirements. This tray does not have a silverware compartment. Available in polycarbonate and co-polymer.
Compartment Lunch Trays Our School Compartment Trays have five food compartments and one silverware compartment. Available in three durable materials: Camwear polycarbonate, Budget ABS and Penny-Saver co-polymer. Trapezoid Compartment Trays Space saving tray for self serve facilities. These trapezoid trays offer seven deep compartments for ample, portion controlled servings. Serve soup and salad at the same time!
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