Food & Beverage Trays: Compartment Meal Delivery Trays by Cambro

For serving food in the places like hospitals, healthcare facilities, correctional facilities, and cells, you can make use of our compartment meal delivery trays. These delivery trays feature deep dish food compartments that allow you to store meals in an organized manner without getting mixed into each other. Their lids help you to transport the meals without worrying for spillovers. These versatile meal delivery trays are available in different variations including meal delivery trays, meal separator compartment trays, and tray on tray meal delivery system. Each of these options is meant for accommodating to your distinct food serving needs. They come in a range of attractive colors and are usable for serving and storing hot and cold food items both.
Meal Delivery Trays Ideal for in-cell feeding programs. Three deep-dish compartments offer menu options and large portions. Available with or without a flatware compartment. Available in Camwear polycarbonate and pliable and break resistant co-polymer. Meal Separator Compartment Trays Six compartment tray designed specifically for in-cell feeding programs. Serve both hot and cold food from the same tray by using the separator lid.
Tray On Tray Meal Delivery System Combine pre-plated hot and cold food portions into a reusable, single service unit designed for in-cell feeding and cook-chill applications. Base tray, insert tray and lid sold separately.  
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