Commercial Appliances: Immersion Hand Blenders by Bamix and Hamilton Beach

Heavy-Duty Long Life Motor allows you to blend, puree and emulsify. Our Immersion Hand Blenders are a universal kitchen appliance meant to have versatile functions. The versatility of this hand-held machine makes for quick and easy work in the kitchen, replacing other food processors, blenders, mixers, grinders and whisks...even ice cream machines!
$137 92
List price $216.00
You save 36%

(Price per Unit)
2 – 3$133.47
4 +$129.02
$135 99
List price $149.99
You save 9%
$174 99
List price $179.99
You save 3%
$199 99
List price $229.99
You save 13%

Easy things to make with an Immersion Hand Blender:

  • Puree hot soup in a pot without transferring to a messy blender
  • Blend smoothies in the glass
  • Make whip cream out of non-fat milk
  • Create gourmet aiolis or mayonnaise in seconds
  • Mix your own organic baby food out of cooked fresh vegetables
  • Create light, healthy mousses
  • Crush ice
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