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Food Service Scales by Cardinal and Detecto

Reliability and accuracy are two most important things that are desired from a food service scale. Our food service scales are ranked top on both the above-mentioned criteria and a lot more. At DEI Equipment, we have taken care to include only those products and brands in our selection of food service scales, which are well-known in the industry for performance and quality. Whatever your measurement needs are, whether you work in a bakery, deli, grocery store, super market, restaurant, cafeteria, or any other food establishment, we have got a food service scale to meet your requirements. From balance beam scales, bench & platform scales, counting and weighing scales, dial / analog scales, to digital food scales, hanging scales, and more, we have got them all, right here, at very economical prices.
Balance Beam Scales
Detecto's American-made balance beam scales provide reliable measurements in bakeries, grocery stores, and other food establishments worldwide. Scales are available with a classic stainless steel base or white, oven-baked enamel finish.
Bench & Platform Scales
Featuring industry-leading digital weight indicators and manufactured from the highest-quality materials, Detecto's USA-made bench and platform scales provide the most accurate weight readings possible.
Counting And Weighing Scales
Detecto's accurate, easy-to-use counting scales simplify the counting process. Each scale measures group weight and individual item weight and can be used for parts counting and packaging of small pieces.
Dial / Analog Scales
Detecto offers top loading dial / analog scales in several sizes to suit a variety of weighing needs. Every kitchen analog scale includes a large, highly-visible dial and measures consistent, precise portion weights.
Digital Food Scale Printers
Tape printers track measurements through individual weight receipts, while Detecto's label printers include a flip-up print head that allows for easy loading and cleaning and can print bar codes, lines, graphics, and boxes.
Digital Food Scales
Digital food scales provide simple cleanup and ease of use. Designed for use in kitchens, bakeries, delis, and restaurants for fast food preparation. Digital ingredient scales feature weight accumulator memory to store the weighs of total ingredients being used.
Digital Portion Scales
Designed for regular use in cafeterias, delis, bakeries, pizza parlors, and restaurants, Detecto's reliable food portion scales offer a wide variety of features in a single, compact machine. Select deli scale models conveniently transition between measurement units, and every restaurant scale is equipped with an easy-to-read display screen.
Hanging Scales
Produce merchants, grocers, and butchers around the world use Detecto's USA-made hanging dial and digital scales for reliable, easy weighing. Detecto's grocery store hanging scales are portable and provide guaranteed measurements.
Pallet / Floor Scales
With a variety of features to account for all weighing needs, Detecto's floor scales are designed for durability and heavy industrial use. High-performance pallet floor scales designed for every weighing need.
Portable Scales
Detecto's portable scales provide a convenient, economical, and functional choice for weighing. Detecto is proud to offer analog and digital portable scales in a variety of capacities between 150 pounds and 2,000 pounds.
Price Computing Scales
Detecto's price computing scales are equipped to handle every weighing situation through a single machine. By using a preset key, users can store and recall product names, information, and prices in the deli scale.