Catering & Transport Equipment: Carriers For Food Pans

Our insulated food pan carriers and carts are available in top and front loading styles and have the ability to hold full, 1/2 and 1/3 size food pans depending on the model you select. Offered in a in a wide variety of sizes and colors to fit in any decor.
Food Carriers With Casters These large capacity carts can take food down the hall, out to the field or across town! These quality made units ensure the delivery of either hot-from-the-oven entrees or cold-from-the-cooler desserts. These large food carriers are perfect for big catering events! Front Loading Insulated Carriers Rugged and dependable, these insulated food carriers offer a variety of storage capacities for transporting hot or cold food. Polyethylene construction, thick polyurethane foam insulation, sturdy latches and air-tight gaskets ensure temperature retention for hours, without any external heat source.
Heated Food Carriers Enables HACCP compliance by maintaining safe, hot food temperatures. Gentle, 150°-165°F heat will not cook food and maintains food moisture. Available in single and double compartment carts. This food carrier is both insulated and electric. Top Loading Insulated Carriers These top loading food carriers combine Cambro durability with versatility and style. Hold, transport and serve hot or cold foods in full or fractional size food pans. Thick polyurethane foam insulation helps maintain safe food temperatures for hours without the use of electricity or canned heat.
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