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Camwear Aliso Barware replicates the look, heft and clarity of glass with virtually unbreakable polycarbonate. There are no seams that distract from the smooth, glass-like, appearance. Available in Martini, Wine, Pilsner and Beer shapes. The shapes and sizes of Aliso are flexible and practical. The wine glass holds a generous eight-ounce serving; the pilsner and mug hold a full twelve-ounce serving with room for a frosty head. Use the martini and pilsner shapes to create elegant desserts and exotic drink presentations.

Aliso Barware was featured on Garden, Deck & Landscape® magazine as the perfect choice for around the pool drinkware. Just because you can't have glass by the pool doesn't mean you have to skimp on class!

$82 26
List price $138.60
You save 41%
$79 09
List price $133.20
You save 41%
$164 78
List price $289.20
You save 43%
$121 73
List price $210.00
You save 42%

Advantage of Polycarbonate vs. Glass:

Safety First. Aliso barware features glassware and stemware that are break resistant, reducing the possibility of broken glass in your kitchen or place of business. Your customers and employees are safe from getting cut or wounded and there's no downtime for cleaning up. Aliso barware have a crystal clear look just like glass!

Save Energy. Carrying trays filled with beverages can be tiring for your waitstaff. In fact, a tray with 6 filled 16 oz. beer mugs weighs about 13 pounds. You can reduce the weight nearly 50% with Cambro barware compared to glasses. Lower weight means reduced back problems, less carpal tunnel pressure and more cheerful energy for customer service.

Save Money. Your initial investment in Cambro barware is about 33% less than comparable glassware. Aliso barware last longer, so your replacement cost is a fraction of glassware. In total, you'll experience savings the first day you use Aliso barware - and spend about 79% less over three years!

Save Space. Full size wash racks are available to conveniently store and stack your Aliso barware reducing storage space and making them easier to transport. Aliso barware is dishwasher safe.

Garden, Deck & Landscape is a special interest publication of Better Homes and Gardens. Aliso barware was featured on the Spring 2007 issue, page 67 and 125.

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