Food Covers & Plate Covers: Camcover Plate Covers

Serve hot food hot with our Plate Camcovers, an elegant and efficient alternative to traditional metal covers. Lighter and quieter than metal covers. Available in Fiberglass and Polycarbonate materials. Round and oval covers to accommodate any plate size or shape!

To determine what size Cover is best for your plates please download our PDF Guide.Plate Cover Guide

Fiberglass Plate Covers Made of Versa material (fiberglass compound) withstands temperatures up to 300°F or 149°C, yet remains cool to the touch. Made from non-porous materials to remain odor-free and resist stains. Microwave safe. Available in Round and Square shapes. Polycarbonate Plate Covers Food stays hot and appetizing without re-heating. Camwear Camcovers can be used in heated carts, up to 210°F. Made of virtually unbreakable polycarbonate. Plate covers available from 8-7/16" to 12-1/8" inside diameter.
Selecting the Right Plate Covers
Cambro manufactures three kinds of plate covers. Here's help in selecting the plate cover to fit your operation:
Fiberglass Plate Covers Polycarbonate Plate Covers
  • Withstand temperatures up to 300º F. (149ºC.)
  • Non-porous, odor free.
  • Ideal for microwave ovens.
  • Not hot to the touch, fewer worker complaints.
  • Dishwasher safe, stain resistant.
  • They are quiet, light and never need polishing.
  • Great for room service and banquets, can be used under heat lamps.
  • Eliminates oxidation.
  • Economical, compare them to stainless steel covers.
  • Available in Round and Square Shapes.
  • Dents dings and breakage becomes a problem of the past when you use Cambro's Polycarbonate Plater Covers.
  • Super-tough light weight polycarbonate construction is unequalled in strength and durability.
  • Food stays hot and appetizing without preheating, Polycarbonate Plater Covers can be used in heated carts.
  • They are NSF listed and dishwasher safe.
  • Polycarbonate Plater Covers are available in clear, white, beige, or amber to blend with any decor or provide color code identification.
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