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Make sure you locate the model number of your Cambro equipment prior ordering a part. The model number is usually located in the back or underneath the equipment next to the Cambro logo.

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Cambro Replacement Parts
Work Stations, Parts Parts for Cambro KWS40. Wine Buckets, Parts Replacement handles for both Bucket and Pedestal Base models.
Versa Line Organizers, Parts All Cambro Versa Condiment Organizers. Vending Kiosks, Parts All CamKiosk Vending Kiosks, 4 and 6 pan wells, standard, with umbrella or with canopy.
Vending Cart Cvc72, Cvc74, Parts Cambro Camcruiser 6'-0" vending carts with 1 or 4 pan wells. Vending Cart Cvc55, Parts Cambro Camcruiser 4'-6" vending carts.
Tray & Dish Carts, Parts Parts for Cambro Tray & Dish Carts, TDC30, TDCR12, TC1418. Thermal Servers, Parts Cambro Coffee Thermal Server, models 100TS, 180TS, 320TS, 480TS, 640TS.
SlidingLid Covers, Parts Cambro Sliding Lid Covers, Base Lids and Slider Lids, 12"x 18" and 18" x 26". Shelving, High Density Storage Systems, Parts Shelving replacement parts for High Density Storage System.
Shelving, Camshelving, Parts Shelving replacement parts for Camshelving. Service Carts, Parts All Cambro Service Carts.
Portable Beverage Bars, Parts CamBar portable beverage bars. All 540, 650 and 730 CamBar Standard Series, All 540, 650 and 730 CamBar Designer Series, All Pre-mix 650 and 730 CamBar Series, All Post-mix 650 and 730 CamBar Series. Meal Delivery Carts, Parts MDC1520T30, MDC1418T30, MDC1418S20, MDC1411T60, MDC1520T16 (formerly MDC16B), All Beverage Service Carts, MDC1520T16 (formerly MDC16B), MDC1418T16 (formerly MDC16A), MDC1520S20 (formerly MDC1520), MDC1520S20 (formerly MDC1520)
KD Service/utility Carts, Parts All KD Utility and Service Carts, BC331KD, BC340KD. Insulated Carriers, Top/front Loading, Parts All Camcarriers top and front loading. 125MPC, 140MPC, 160MPC, 180MPC, 200MPC, 300MPC, 1200MPC, 2617PMC, 2617PMCCP, UPC140, UPC160, UPC180, 1826LBC, 1826LTC, 1826LTC3, 240MPC, 1826LBCSP, 1826LTCSP, HK93PMC, 400MPC, UPC400, UPCS400, 800MPC, UPC800, 1826MTC, 1826DTC, 1826DBC, 1826DBCSP.
Insulated Carriers, 100 Series Top Loading, Parts Parts for Cambro 100 Series Insulated Top Loading Carriers, 100MPCHL, 100MPC, UPC100, UPC101. Insulated Beverage Dispensers, Parts All Insulated Beverage Dispensers, Camtainers & Ultra Camtainers 250LCD, 350LCD, 500LCD (Units After 01/02), 100LCD, 1000LCD, UC250, UC500, UC1000.
Ingredient Bins, Parts IBS27, IBS37, IB27, IB32, IB36, IB44, CC32, IBS27 (Units Before 01/21/05), Camcrisper, IBS20 IBS27 (Units After 01/21/05), IBS20, IBS27 (Units After 01/21/05) Ice Caddies, Parts All Ice Caddies, Short and Tall Profiles. ICS100 Series, ICS125 Series, ICS 175 Series and ICS200 Series.
Heat Keepers, Parts All Camcarriers Heat Keepers HK93PMC. Hand wash Accessory, Parts HWATD, HWAPR, HWATD (Units After 01/01/05), HWATD (Units Before 01/01/05).
Hand Sink Carts, Parts Cambro sink models KSC402. H-series Ultra Food Carriers And Ultra Camcarts, Parts Parts for Cambro H-Series Ultra Pan Carriers and Ultra Camcarts, UPCHW400, UPCHW4002, UPCH800, UPCH8002, UPCHT800, UPCH1600, UPCH16002, UPCHT1600, UPCH1600TR.
Food Bars, Parts Cambro food bars, standard, children's height and with storage. All 4' Models, All 5' Models and All 6' Models, 4FBR, 4FBR, 4FBRSL, 4FBRTT, 4UBR, 5FBR, 5FBRSL, 5FBRTT, 5UBR, 6FBR, 6FBRSL, 6FBRTT, 6UBR, FBR48N, FBR48SLN, FBR48TTN, FBR60N, FBR60SLN, FBR60TTN, FBR72N, FBR72SLN, FBR72TTN, FBRTBL, UBR48N, UBR60N, UBR72N. Food Bars And Work Tables, Versa, Parts Parts for Cambro VBR5, VBR6, VBRL5, VBRL6, VBRT5, VBRT6, VBRTL5, VBRTL6.
Flatware Baskets, Parts Cambro flatware basket 8FB434. Dish Caddies, Non-adjustable, Parts Dish Caddies - Non-Adjustable, DC1125, DC1225, DC1150, DC575, DC700, DC825, DC950, DC650, DC975.
Dish Caddies, Adjustable, Parts Adjustable Dish Cart, All Adjustable Dish Caddies, ADCS, ADC4, ADC6, ADCS. Covered Pitchers, Parts For Cambro pitcher PC64CW.
Combo Carts W/ Adjustable Rails, Parts All Cambro Carriers For Sheet Pans and Trays with Adjustable Rails, CMB1826, CMB1826SP, CMB1826L, CMB1826LSP. Coffee Servers, Parts All CSR Coffee CamServers, insulated.
Cash Registers, Versa, Parts Parts for Cambro VCSWR, VCSWRHD, VCS, VCSHD. Cash Registers, Standard, Parts All Equipment Stand/Cash Register Stand Models, ES28.
Camwarmer, Parts Cambro Camwarmer 1210PW. Camtherm Holding Cabinets, Parts All Camtherm Cabinets CMBH1826, Short and Tall profile Cabinets. CMBH1826LC, CMBH1826LF, CMBH1826LTR, CMBH1826TBC, CMBH1826TBF, CMBH1826TSC, CMBH1826TSF, CMBH1826TTR, CMBHC1826LC, CMBHC1826LF, CMBHC1826LTR, CMBHC1826TBC, CMBHC1826TBF, CMBHC1826TSC, CMBHC1826TSF, CMBHC1826TTR.
Camdollies, Utility Carts, Parts Cambro models 2030UT, 2436UTH, 2436UTHS. Camdollies, Parts Cambro models 2030UT, CDR2020H, CD400, CD1826PDB, Camdollies with 3 1/2" Casters, CD100HB, CD300HB, CD1826MTCHB, CD2020HB, CD1826HB.
Camchiller Carts, Parts For Cambro models CPC13134, CPC13134A. Buffet Bars/free Standing Sneeze Guards, Parts For Cambro buffet bars BBR480, BBR720, free standing sneeze guards FSG480, FSG720 and buffet bar bases BUF48, BUF72.
Booster Seats, Parts Cylinder Style Replacement Bumpers for both single and dual height booster seats. Beverage Service Carts, Parts Parts for All Cambro Beverage Service Carts, MDC24 and MDC24F
Beverage Dispenser & Pail, Parts Parts for Cambro DSPR6 and PWB22 (Units Before 12/03). Standard drink dispensers, not insulated.  
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