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Cambro Replacement Parts: Combo Carts W/ Adjustable Rails, Parts

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All Cambro Carriers For Sheet Pans and Trays with Adjustable Rails, CMB1826, CMB1826SP, CMB1826L, CMB1826LSP.
Combo Carts W/ Adjustable Rails, Parts
Disclaimer: Replacement part orders are non-refundable and non-returnable for any reason other than product defect. Diagrams and descriptions for each part are provided for reference only and it is the buyer's responsibility to consult their own product's manual prior purchasing replacement parts. All replacement part orders are final sale. Parts ship directly from the manufacturer, please allow 3-5 business days for processing. For expedite orders or assistance finding a part, please call toll-free (866) 482-8919.
Vent Caps 14200 1-White Pop-up Vent Cap (models before 1/07)
[read more]
$1.00 $0.83
Vent Caps H07001 1-Black Pop-up Vent CapĀ (models after 1/07)
[read more]
$2.85 $2.37
Latches For Doors H05021 1.6 Plastic Latch Kit: 1-Latch, 4- Screws
[read more]
$4.25 $3.54
Caster Impact Plate 44018 1-3" Caster Impact Plate
[read more]
$5.50 $4.59
Menu Clip MC1 Menu Clip Kit: 1-Menu Clip, 1-Roller, 1-Screw
[read more]
$5.80 $4.84
Hinge For Doors 60066 Hinge Kit: 1-Stainless Hinge, 6- Screws (60311)
[read more]
$19.70 $16.43
Latch 60094 Latch Kit: 1-Large Metal 4 Hole Latch, 4- Screws (60315). Screw plate is 1.31" X 1.31".
[read more]
$21.25 $17.72
Heat Guard Strip 60070 1-Heat Guard, 6- Screws (60313)
[read more]
$24.25 $20.23
Latches For Doors 60063 Latch Kit: 1-Welded Bail Latch, 4-Spanner Screws (60322)
[read more]
$27.60 $21.74
Axles 60080 1-Axle, 2-Nuts
[read more]
$31.20 $24.58
Casters 60007 1-5" Swivel w/Brake Caster, 4-Bolts (60300)
[read more]
$34.30 $27.03
Hinge For Doors 60064 1-Hinge Welded Pin, 6- Screws
[read more]
$37.95 $29.91
Gaskets 12124 1-Gasket
[read more]
$42.40 $33.41
Slide Rail 43009 1-Slide Rail
[read more]
$45.00 $35.46
Standard Interior Vertical Support 60068 1-Standard Interior Vertical Support, 6- Screws (60313)
[read more]
$47.85 $35.48
Wheels 41020 1-10" Wheel
[read more]
$59.65 $44.22
Doors 6683 1-Top Door, 1-Gasket, 1-Vent Cap (14200)
[read more]
$306.00 $198.54
Doors 6684 1-Bottom Door, 1-Gasket, 1-Vent Cap (14200)
[read more]
$306.00 $198.54
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