Catering & Transport Equipment: Bulk Food Holding Cabinets

Keep cold food cold, hot food hot, moist food moist and crisp food crisp! These bulk food holding and transporting cabinets uniquely combine electrical capability with Cambro’s reliable, insulated, durable construction. The result is a cabinet that maintains hot or hot/cold temperatures as well as offering excellent moisture retention.
Single Compartment Camtherm Includes 6 rail sets. Each cabinet includes a thermoelectric unit mounted on the back. The cabinet body is a tough, one-piece seamless double-wall polyethylene shell that is easy to maintain and clean and won't dent, crack, rust, chip or break. Available in Hot Only and Hot/Cold models. Double Compartment Camtherm Tall profile includes 12 rail sets. Ideal for expanding holding capacity in kitchens, using for transporting to or within schools, university campuses, correctional facilities and hospitals or for hotel and catered events. Available in Hot Only and Hot/Cold models.
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