Selecting the correct Vending Cart for your business

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There are 3 basic elements that will help you determine your vending cart selection:

  1. Space available to set up your vending cart.
  2. If you need open or enclosed storage compartments.
  3. Counter space needed for equipment.

Let's start with the size. We carry 3 different lengths: Small Vending Carts (4'-6"), Mid-size Vending Carts (6'-0") and Full Size Vending Kiosks (7'-0"). Measure the space where you will be setting up your cart to make sure you have enough space to access behind the cart and operate it. If you are using the cart indoors, make sure the cart will fit through the doorway.

Next is storage. Depending on your menu or product that you want to merchandise, you might need enclosed storage compartments. The Small vending carts have Open storage compartments and the Mid-size Vending Carts and Kiosks have Enclosed storage compartments that are also insulated.

Small vending carts: In the open storage compartments you can store any type of equipment or supplies as shown in the picture below:

Vending carts with open storage

Mid-size Vending Carts and Kiosks: In the enclosed, insulated storage compartments, you have built-in rails to slide full size food pans or to use as regular storage with doors as shown below:

Vending Carts with enclosed storage

The Mid-size vending carts have 2 doors and 1 open compartment and the vending kiosks have 3 doors.

And the last step is to decide the counter top space needed for your equipment (if applicable) What equipment I thought it comes with containers already?. This is what makes our vending carts and kiosks so flexible for any menu rather than locking into only one option. Load up your vending cart with roasted nuts, pizza, sandwiches, hot dogs, salads, tacos, popcorn, chips, soft drinks and more, as long as the equipment fits on the counter top. Use our Camchillers instead of ice to keep items cold. All the equipment is sold separately and you can mix and match depending on your needs, the options are endless!

Measure all the equipment, length and width (including all necessary clearances) to determine the space needed. If you need additional counter space you can buy optional well covers. All of our carts have openings for electrical wires so everything looks organized and neat, no need for drilling! The optional well covers give you the option to add counter space at any time as your menu or needs grow or change.

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