Profits from a Food Kiosk - Case Studies

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Publications and associations have reported these cart and kiosk business examples:

  • A frozen yogurt cart was reported to serve from 300-700 customers a day with an average check of $2.75. They generated about $150,000 in incremental sales/year.
  • During the school year, a college coffee and donut cart generated $15,000/week and a 30% net profit.
  • A popcorn cart in an airport generated $400 to $600 daily or $150,000 in annual sales.
  • The Specialty Coffee Association has estimated 5,500 coffee carts by the end of 2019, averaging $95,000 in annual sales each.

Financial Factors

The CamKiosk® costs about half the cost of other carts - helping you to generate profits more quickly. In fact, the Cambro's CamKiosk could payback in only one or two months of operation. Made of durable polyethylene, the carts are lightweight and won't dent, crack, bubble, chip or break. They are easy to clean-just wipe them off. The CamKiosk holds a surprising amount of food. With special thick foam insulation, food temperatures are maintained.

Profit Calculator

Use the following Financial Calculator as a guide to evaluate profits, expenses and how long it will take you to pay for your new equipment.
1Traffic Count, Exposure per day
2Capture Participation Rate (%)%
3How many days do you operate per week?
4Average Check$
5Hours of Operation per day
6Number of Employees
7Average Hourly Wage Rate$
8Prime Costs - Food and Packaging
(25-60% Average)

9Controllables- Supplies, Utilities and Rent
(5-10% Average)


11Start Up Cost/Investment
Vending Cart or Kiosk
12Smallwares and Appliances$
Daily Transactions
Average Daily Sales
Annual Revenue
Annual Labor Expense
Annual Direct Costs
(Including Labor)
Gross Profit
(Revenue - Direct Cost)
Start Up Cost/Investment
Sales to Investment Ratio
Approx. Return on Investment
Payback Period (in Months)
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