A New Revolutionary Shelving System: Cambro Shelving

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Getting a new closet for everything or keeping things in open space is not always feasible. Hence, it becomes an important task to own storage shelving that looks good and it’s practical. Camshelving is the revolutionary shelving system that makes the storage experience convenient in any environment, wet or dry.

Why Cambro Shelving System?

  • Rust being the biggest enemy of sanitary, Cambro has come up with rust free range of shelving system made of smooth polypropylene surface with no welding and crevices. It can’t rust or corrode by washing in a wet/humid area or by coming in any contact with salt/sea water. It is best suited for walk-in refrigerators and freezers because of its efficiency to withstand temperatures as cold as -36°F.
  • The post and traverses (the weight bearing component) are constructed out of best quality steel core resulting into an exceptionally strong and durable shelving system. The structure building of the post connectors (top and bottom) helps in great cross stabilization.
  • The surface of these shelves is dishwasher safe and easy to wipe clean. Absence of welding is helpful in avoiding entrance of liquid/dirt into the crevices. Also, all Camshelving shelf plates have Camguardtm antimicrobial, a silver-ion technology that hinder the growth of mold, fungus and bacteria, main cause of bad odors, stains and product degradation. This guard in incorporated throughout the shelf plate material so as to constrain it from scraping off, washing off or wearing out.      
  • Effortlessly easy to assemble and adjust is an added advantage of these shelving systems. As per the requirement of the area, shelves can be adjusted in 4” increments by using post sharing or corner connectors. Cambro shelving is available in four different heights, four widths and eight lengths which can be used according to the storage requirement.

It comes with a lifetime limited warranty against rust and corrosion for traverses and stationary posts.

Various Available Shelving Systems and Components:

Stationary shelving starter unit
It is a most basic preconfigured shelving system. It is a multipurpose unit with smooth assembling and adjusting features.

Stationary Shelving Add-On Units

This shelving unit is another basic unit with a facility to add 2 more shelves because of the fact that the traverses on the first and second unit share the middle post. Hence its cost is reduced and the assembling is simplified without any loss of weight bearing capacity.

Mobile Shelving Starter Units

The mobile shelving starter unit comes with casters. These units are available with standard and premium caster utile for dry Storage and for wet storage area respectively.

High Density Storage Systems

This system maximizes the storage capacity. It is best suited when there is limited storage space. For the easiest access to the stored products, it has an inbuilt floor track system. Easy configuration and assemble is an add-on. These are available with both vented shelve as well as solid shelve, the track kit and essential accessories are also made available to the customers.

Individual Components and Accessories

Cambro shelving is a modular system which includes the use of different components like stationary/mobile post kits and casters, solid/vented shelf kits, fence systems and dunnage stands.

Wall Shelves

The cambro wall shelves are an on & off easy to install and clean i-beam shelf support system made of polypropylene shelves. These are high-impact abs slats and ideal to store kitchen items like ladles, spoons, pans, etc.

Dunnage Racks

Available in slotted and solid top for maximum air circulation, it is designed to keep frozen, cold and dry inventory 12” of the floor safely. It is an excellent choice to store perishable products which are stored in coolers and freezers.

All the stationary shelving starter units are available in number of sizes with a choice of height, length, depth and number of desired shelves, with components available in variety of dimensions providing the customers the flexibility to build custom shelves as per their requirements.

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