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Replacement Mill Gasket for Kitchen Mill

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Product Details:

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Manufacturer Details:

Manufacturer: Blendtec
MPN: SRV-679
This item is Brand New, unused, in its original packaging (where packaging is applicable) and includes the original manufacturer's warranty.

Product Description

Blendtec Replacement Mill Gasket for Kitchen Mill, SRV-679.

This mill gasket attaches to the motor assembly in the Kitchen Mill.

Replacement Instructions:

Remove the existing gasket from the mill. After removing the old gasket, if there is any residue, scrape off as much of the old gasket as possible using a single edge razor blade or similar tool. Then wipe down the flat surface along the rim which is where the new gasket will be placed.
Blendtec Mill Gasket Step 1
Peel back the paper backing from the adhesive side of the new gasket. Be careful not to allow the adhesive to touch anything.
Blendtec Mill Gasket Step 2
Start attaching the new gasket to the flat portion of the mill as shown by the arrow. (You may start anywhere along this flat surface.)
Slowly work your way around the mill trying to keep the new gasket as flat as you can. When you finish the first section of the new gasket, peel the backing off the second gasket that is supplied and continue the installation by placing it up against the end of the gasket you just finished installing. A very small gap between the two gaskets will be acceptable.
Continue slowly around the mill until you have installed the second gasket by finishing at the point where you started, so there is now a gasket all the way around the rim.
Blendtec Mill Gasket Step 5
You will have two or three inches of gasket material left over. You will need to overlap the gasket and mark the spot where the two ends meet, then cut the excess off using some scissors or a sharp utility knife. (The two ends should be very close together when pressed in place.)
Blendtec Mill Gasket Step 6
Firmly press your finger all the way around the top of the gasket to ensure the adhesive is attached to the surface of the mill. This completes the replacement of the two-piece mill gasket.
Blendtec Mill Gasket Step 7

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