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Employees Must Wash Hands... and also Dry Them

Having a restroom that is up-to-date and clean will set your business apart as one that values its clients in all respects.

Automatic hand dryers are a great way to improve the appearance and cleanliness of your restaurant restroom. Eliminating bathroom paper towels means less trash littering floors and filling up bins.

This reduction of paper waste benefits the bottom line and the environment. With Earth Day still fresh in our minds, now is the time to make a change for the better. Less paper reduces the burden on forests, and on resulting landfills. And while paper is recyclable, it takes much more energy to deconstruct and reconstitute it than it does to simply blow heated or unheated air onto a person's hands. In addition, not everyone makes use of available recycling bins.

As far as cost, while a paper napkin dispenser is initially cheaper than an electric dryer, maintaining a constant supply of napkins is where the real cost lies. According to a Houston Chronicle article, you can expect to pay at least $75 per month on paper napkins for a medium-size business. An electric dryer under comparable conditions would only cost about $15 per month. In this scenario, the electric hand dryer will pay for itself in about seven months.

And because electric hand dryers work using a sensor, people won't need to pull a lever or push a button to dry their hands. It seems trivial, but such surfaces are known breeding grounds for bacteria. Access to an automatic dryer keeps hands cleaner after washing; very important for service staff.

An electric hand dryer is a modern, hygienic, and eco-friendly option to update your restaurant restroom.

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