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Customizing Utility Trailers for Your Own Purpose

Here's a potential New Year's resolution: increase the safety and ease with which you travel and transport. From vendors to caterers to homeowners and outdoors enthusiasts!

Customizing Utility Trailers for Your Own PurposeMany of us deal with transporting light to heavy duty equipment on a regular or daily basis. With this in mind, DEI Equipment would like to provide you with some professional insight into how you might be able to make your life just a little bit easier in 2013 with customized utility trailers.

So this winter, as you're moving your winter sports equipment (like snowmobiles, depending on your geographic location) or even vehicles like motorcycles, dirt bikes, or 4-wheelers, you might consider optimizing your labor with the addition of a utility trailer. A purchase that is worth the investment considering it is not only affordable but can also be used across many applications and all seasons.

In a recent blog, we had outlined some options for purchasing the right size trailer and the appropriate flooring for your transporting purpose, and now here's an example of how trailers cannot only be used out of the box but can easily be customized to create an innovative solution for your individual cargo or towing needs. As you can see on the photos, the LCI-832TA trailer, a small and compact, highway-rated option, has recently proved to be a reasonably-priced base to then enhance and add convenience features of your choice.

One of our customers provided these great photos of how he took our trailer and steel base TS-32SB and made the perfect complement to his Jeep Wrangler. Adding a tongue box, custom metal top, hardware – and of course some bright yellow paint - he was left with an open trailer cargo box that met his standards for appearance, form, and function. And, modifying utility trailers for Jeeps and other vehicles can go even further. You can add new tires, stake sides, trailer boxes, and more – of which we offer a wide selection. There's also a great thread on with examples of creative ways to accomplish your vision.

If you have experience with this (or pictures), we'd love to hear from you! And, contact us if you have questions – we carry trailers for all types of purposes from cargo to recreational vehicles or equipment to boat trailers for all types of marine vehicles.

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Blog Date: 2013-12-16

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