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Baby Boy and Baby Girl Nursery Ideas

DEI Equipment started selling Anatex wooden US toys as waiting room toys, but have learned from our customers that they want more selection for their nursery themes.

Every new mother searches for "baby nursery ideas" as the special day is approaching and we have a few fun ideas for you! We have added more Anatex discovery toys and furniture to our website that will turn any room into a beautiful, fun and interactive nursery room. Anatex products are proudly made in the USA.

Today we will concentrate in animal nursery themed furniture / discovery toys. Animal nursery themes are unisex so it does not matter if you are in search of baby boy nursery ideas or baby girl nursery ideas. Our animal themed Anatex products can be divided into three animal categories: Jungle/Safari, Sea/Ocean, and Farm. We will cover our two favorite baby boy and baby girl nursery ideas: Jungle/Safari and Sea/Ocean.

Jungle nurseries are bold, bright, and scream excitement the moment you walk in the baby nursery. Sea life nurseries are soft, flowing, and make you think of a warm sun when you enter the room.

Mirrors are a must for your baby nursery. Mirrors can provide a source of comfort for your baby and entertainment for your toddler. Have you ever noticed that a baby could be looking at an object, but when a person crosses their view there is an instant glow on their face? The reason is that babies find comfort in the human face. These mirrors will allow your baby to look at their own face giving that comfort feeling. As toddlers they begin to recognize their own face to include facial features. Every child has been caught more than once making a funny face in the mirror

We offer different sets of animal mirrors (Panda, Monkey, Lion, Hippopotamus, Seahorse, Crab, and Blowfish) for your baby nursery. You can find all these and more in our Wall Panels section. All these wall panels can be purchased at a discount price and free shipping in the continental U.S.

Next week we will discuss our Jungle and Sea life Anatex wall panels.

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